The Real Deal On Small Weddings

May 14, 2020

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Intimate weddings and elopements are not defined in the same way, as they were decades ago. These are NOT the ” let’s run off, get hitched, and not tell anyone” type of events. So let’s explore what these weddings really are. Most importantly, they matter just as much as a big wedding with multiple guests and can last just as long as a full wedding day – just remember that this is about YOUR STORY! We can literally do ANYTHING that you want. You can keep it super intimate wether you have 200 or 10 guests, or it’s just the two of you. The possibilities are endless – we are down to do whatever it is you choose to do for your best day ever!

So you’re probably wondering, what exactly is an intimate wedding and how are they different from a big wedding?

Intimate Weddings are meant to bring the focus back onto the couple and their individual story, as opposed to a big wedding focusing more on the guest list and huge party. Both options are equally lovely in their own ways, but I thrive on telling intimate stories more. It’s a common misconception that intimate weddings and elopements are shorter and cost less, but this is a myth. Many couples planning a smaller gathering, still typically spend the same amount of both time and money, but don’t necessarily need tons of vendors and instead split it between a select type of services or products. These kinds of weddings can either be a few hours or a full day, and that is why our pricing reflects a full day of coverage across the board.

Timeline of coverage for an intimate wedding and things you can do.

The events of the day are similar to a timeline of a big wedding, actually. Like I’ve said before, we are friends. You are not just my client, and I am not just another vendor…. WE ARE FRIENDS. So we will arrive ready to just kick back and soak in all of the moments with you. Starting with you getting ready, on to any first looks and portraits, the ceremony, and reception (if you have one). Some couples want to go off on an adventure – and just know we are always excited and ready for that! We can go and have some drinks at your favorite brew house or coffee shop, trek out to the spot you first met or where the proposal happened, sneak off to a small first dinner. And if you decide to have a dance, let’s do it! We will dance with you anytime you want. We just want it to be such a fun experience that you feel like you are hanging out with your best friends.

Does this sound like your vibe?

YASS! Let’s chat then! I cannot wait to hear from you and start your adventure. Like legit, CANNOT Wait!!

  1. Natalie says:

    Such great information here!

  2. I think you explained ‘Intimate wedding’ very well and it’s a great thing that you are encouraging couples to make weddings more about their love for each other, rather than stressing about all the preparations of big weddings and guests.
    Those are beautiful photos btw. 🙂

  3. More content like this, please!! Love it. Small + intimate is way better, in my opinion. And it looks like I’m not the only one! You did a GREAT job on the photos too.

  4. Bayli says:

    An intimate wedding is definitely the way to go especially now with corona!

  5. Absolutely! Intimate weddings are so special and like you said “we are friends”.

  6. Rita says:

    For me, intimate weddings are the best, besides eloping of course. Love how you described them and the photos that you added are pure gold:)

  7. Casey says:

    Your advice is so spot on and so timely. Bring on plenty of fun and intimate elopements!

  8. Raelin says:

    This sounds like totally my vibe. Thank you for your heartfelt definition on elopements!

  9. Melissa Blunden says:

    This is a great informational post – I absolutely love intimate weddings!

  10. I reckon something truly special in this website.

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