Love in the Time of Covid: Navigating through the pandemic

March 28, 2021

Around March 2020, the pandemic hit in full force. I remember it vividly. I was just leaving the studio after a boudoir photo session, and was all hyped up. Then as I sat in my car and turned the radio on, I learned that covid had reached the US – at first, it seemed like something that wasn’t a big deal. Then I realized it was going to change the entire industry. And that has remained true over a year later.

How has it affected weddings? 
For those couples with big weddings with large guest lists, has been HUGE. It is different state to state, but many have enacted mandates and gathering restrictions over the entire 2020 season. I have had 15 couples that had to postpone indefinitely and that is just so heartbreaking! I know as a past bride, how frustrating this is. I did have some couples that chose to scale down their weddings, and opted for elopements with my help planning or just ANYTHING that they needed. Covid also affected the vendors – we are now suffering crazy amounts of revenue loss, and with that came some extreme amounts of anxiety and depression. Give your small business owners some grace, we will be appreciative of that and are trying our absolute best, given the circumstances.


Choose to have a small destination wedding somewhere beautiful. This doesn’t necessarily mean traveling super far away (although you totally can!). There are some great places right here in Iowa and the Midwest, that will give you what you are looking for.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Switch to an Elopement or Micro Wedding instead, and invite your nearest and dearest.
  2. If you’re postponing, be sure to check with all your vendors first. You don’t want to pick a date they are not available.
  3. You can do everything you were originally planning to, the guest size will just be smaller.
  4. Take time on your elopement day to go do something fun: a hike, coffee date in the local coffeeshop, sip some beers at the brewery, or just explore the location.

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