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Storyteller Collective

All about

Hi Ya! I'm Jayme, the lead shooter here. I like long strolls down the Target discount aisles buying things I don't need, anything Iced Coffee, and fresh tacos. I can also make a killer margarita, and I have a weird obsession for craft beers (specifically local IPA's and a couple once sent me a brew as a gift).

While I'd much rather be sitting on a beach or exploring mountains or forests, I call the midwest my home. Aside from being an entrepreneur, I also have two separate college degrees in Business in both the Arts & Sciences. I use that knowledge and my extensive experience, to also mentor other creatives when I have the extra time. 

the real stuff

This is Bryan, and lots of times you'll find him working right along beside me or associate shooting when I need it. He is truly the glue to all the craziness in this industry. I've often said that his personality is the male version of me, haha and it's so true. He enjoys the candid moments and the infinite amount of details, and is always searching for that perfect shot.

He is super funny and creative, and definately knows how to read a room. My clients always are sure to tell me how special he made them feel, which hearing this is seriously the best. Because we want you to have the best time ever and not worry about a thing! In his time away from shooting, he loves to hang out with his son and girlfriend, as well as making trips to Colorado to photograph nature. 

meet my second shooter


And want a photographer who is different. Along with this, I do have tattoos and piercings to express myself.

You love the finer
details of life

you're absolutely my client if...

And you'll 100% trust my vision
and expertise to make that magic.

photography is 
important to you

you're absolutely my client if...

Because you don't want just any ordinary photos, and are laid back.

You respect
the process

you're absolutely my client if...

By the numbers

awesome creative journey


publications & features


bucketlist locations


portraits per year


weddings per year


weddings shot in 12 years


My shooting style (and that of all my second shooters) are what I like to call "unposed". I literally just want you to have fun, so I make it relaxed. You'll be guided into natural poses and prompted to show your real personality. I only do REAL here. For over a decade (12 years to be exact), I have crafted my brand into something I am excited about everyday. Making moves in an oversaturated industry, sure has its ups and downs. But I'm proud to say that the girl who started from nothing - just a camera and a dream - has blossomed into a business that is actively sought for our signature style.

One big thing that you should know - I DO NOT offer weddings with above 200 guests. Storyteller Collective specializes in making it completely centered around our couples, and that is why we don't shoot big weddings. Our sweet spot for intimate weddings & elopements is around 20-80 total guests, or none at all! Want to elope in an epic location? RAD! Want to pop champagne? Let's freaking do it! Whatever you envision for your BEST DAY EVER, you know I'm excited as heck and ready to cheer you on!!

Some things

to be completely honest

you should know

i'm not like anyone else, so let's get weird!

you want a photographer who "gets you"